Founded in 1979, the Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters (ADICA) brings together the best professional conference interpreters in Argentina. ADICA promotes the highest quality standards in the profession, for the benefit of our members and customers alike.

ADICA’s purposes include:

Contributing to the continuing education of our members, by organizing and promoting training activities.

Promoting the respect of our Code of Professional Ethics to further the goals and values of interpretation.

Representing our members' interest in events.

Encouraging service providers to use ISO-certified sound equipment, thus ensuring the best possible interpreting experience.

Liaising with related organizations and sister associations, for the benefit of the profession as a whole.

We are proud to say that the most prestigious interpreters in Argentina are members of ADICA. They cover the main languages and all possible fields of knowledge. The high quality of Argentine interpreters, their professionalism and unrelenting respect of our Code of Ethics have made Argentina an attractive venue to host international meetings.